TEMPISH Floorball Stick Controll MX3 - [SENIOR]

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Floorball stick CONTROLL MX3 is ideal for needs of undemanding recretional players and beginners. The stick has a fiberglass soft shaft with a 31 mm hardness, shaped blade Focus and a quality nonslip Score grip handgrip. The fiberglass shaft is light and firm. It is perfect for majority of beginners, who prefer technical game. The holding profile is classic round, narrowing. The handgrip is made oud of a resistant PVC material. The blade is stiffened in the whole lenght including the tip. Perfectly stiffened is also the heel in place where it goes to the neck. Level of optimal sport loading: 2 Lenght: 90cm, 95cm, 100cm, 105cm
Hersteller: Tempish
Kategorie: Floorball Schläger
Artikelnummer: 13500010429
Länge‍: 90 cm100cm95cm90cm100 cm95 cm105cm
Artikelgewicht‍: 0,60 kg


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