BAUER Stick Supreme ADV 60" - [SENIOR]

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BAUER Stick Supreme Advanced Series 60" - [SENIOR]

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The Supreme brand isn?t just about slapshots anymore. It?s about ensuring that every ounce of energy you put into the stick goes to the puck, no matter what type of shot you?re taking. Supreme ADV is redefining a new level of power. The Supreme ADV features a unique geometry in the taper. Our new Sonic Taper Technology reduces weight (375 grams) and improves stability to create an energy transfer down through the stick for an even faster and more powerful release. An optimized flex profile allows you to lean a lot easier into your shots. All the energy you?re putting into the stick transfers down and through the puck. Our new blade core, called Fast Core was created with two different foams and fused together with our new Bridge technology. It helps reduce weight while creating a nice strike zone in the middle of the blade. Advanced Carbon Layering is featured throughout the entire stick, from blade through shaft. Features an optimized high kick point to maintain the classic Supreme profile.
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